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Discover how you can systematically and consistently get back into the productive mindset without stressing yourself to burnout. 

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1: Time management

Sticking to schedule and deadlines without procrastinating

2: Focus & Attention

Completing a project from start to finish without getting distracted

3: Clarity & Direction

Prioritizing on the important tasks that need to be done on time

What would you accomplish if you were more productive in your life?

Here is what, as human, we typically want from being productive:

  • To accomplish the same amount of tasks in 5 hours you would in 12 hours
  • Which is going to give you more free time to enjoy yourself and your family
  • Which is going to reduce your stress and your feelings of overwhelm
  • Which is going to provide you with more energy for creativity and scaling your life
  • Which is going to help you achieve your goals - your financial goals, business goals
  • Which is going to allow you to invest the money in the new home you had been looking at, pay your child for college, buy someone's services to accomplish the task you don't like, etc. go on that all-inclusive trip 

Because productive people are not stressing out about being productive. They know how to get there when they need it and they get to enjoy their life.

Stop wasting your time and energy today, and learn the ways to reclaim your productivity. 


Meet Meggie

Hi, I’m Meggie Houle, and I teach people with ADHD who struggle to be productive and aspire for a better career and life, a systematic step-by-step to remove the blocks and bridge the gap between what you know you need to do, and why you aren't doing it. If you've been stressing yourself out to stay focused on your goals and you're on the verge of burning out and giving up everything, there is a solution for you. You are just about to learn all the subconscious blocks that are stopping your productivity, and bonus, I give you the processes I've used to get out of my ADHD symptoms and start my own business without overworking myself.

 I take the guesswork of why you haven't been able to stay focused and finish what you start, so you can upscale your productivity, be more efficient and spend LESS TIME at work and feeling discomfort so you get your time back to achieve important goals in your work and life. And maybe that's even your start to getting in the right direction to following your purpose....



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